Science Fair
East Cliff Elementary School held a Science Fair March 9th and 11th.  The campus winners are as follows:

Kindergarten- 1st Grade Division:
Sophie G. (1
st), Jason R. (2nd), Weston L. (3rd), Anna Grace B. (4th), Emma M. (5th) (not pictured), Addison P. (6th)

 2nd Grade  
2nd Grade Division:
Sofia G. (1
st), Maria P. (2nd), Juliette S. (3rd), Gunnar G. (4th), Isabella S. (5th), Nathan K. (6th)
3rd Grade

3rd Grade Division:
Simon A. (1
st), Sienna M. (2nd), Trey S. (3rd), Cali G. (4th), Elena M. (5th), Nick G. (6th)
4th Grade          4th Grade Division:
Eli G. (1
st),   Madison S. (2nd), Frank Miguel G. (3rd), Erin E. (4th)(not pictured), Tomas P. (5th), Sami G. (6th)

5th Grade         
5th Grade Division:
Jaden M. (1
st), Seth D. (2nd), Dale L. (3rd), Ryan F. (4th), Ainesh B. (5th) (not pictured), JoJo W. (6th)